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Blessing | Guangzhou, Flower City in Bloom! The 2017 Fortune Global Forum Guangzhou opened today.


From today to December 8, the beautiful flower city was in the "Fortune" time. All the city was celebrating this great global forum.


Guangzhou, Flower City in Bloom!



       As the requirements of Municipal Organizing Committee and Implementing Committee of Forum and the operational plan made by Guangdong Airport Authority (GAA), Baiyun Airport, the gateway of South China and Guangzhou, has developed 9 teams concerning "Business Service", "Traffic Management", "Environment Enhancement", "Volunteer Service" before the opening of forum, to provide the frontline service in 24 hours to serve each guest throughout the whole processes.

      Before the opening of 2017 Fortune Global Forum Guangzhou, the operational information from frontline updated constantly every day. It was said that over 1000 representatives from all walks of life all over the world would attend the forum. Some of them were from the Fortune 500 companies and in the position of CEO. Most of them were businessmen and arrived at Baiyun Airport. The representative of Baiyun Airport said, "As the business card and gateway of Guangzhou, we will welcome all guests with the excellent service."

      The Airplane Operation Center (AOC) newly launched the "enhanced" A-CDM system, the operational monitoring system applying the panoramic visualization. With the help of system, the processes of ramp operation, flight dispatch and shuttle bus could be monitored orderly. Before the opening of forum, the "Information Operational Center of Fortune Forum", formed by the Municipal Organizing Committee, Implementing Committee, reception team, transportation team, Guangzhou Municipal Port Office, Public Security Bureau, GAA and Baiyun Airport, has begun operation quietly, to deliver and pass information timely, accurately, and efficiently, jointly made the arrangements of ramp, stand, private plane, charter flight and ground traffic connection etc.

      With the opening of forum, the arrival flights operation of participants has finished. And Baiyun Airport started the operation of departed flights. Except of coordinating with the airlines, immigration, customs, inspection and quarantine personnel to set the check-in counters in VIP Lounge, the special channels were also set to provide priority services for guests in the processes of check-in, security check, boarding, immigration, customs, inspection and quarantine. Thus, the guests would feel the hospitality of Guangzhou!

      Guangzhou, Flower City in Bloom! In addition to the normalized landscape upgrades, the terminal also created the "theme" landscapes such as "Five Rams", "Kapok", decorated with thousands of flowers to attract tourists to stay and take photos.

     Recently, Baiyun Airport has upgraded the landscape from the entrance road to the terminal, covering 3746 square meters with the plants such as chrysanthemum, 283 trees and shrubs such as tabebuia chrysantha, to beautify the Baiyun Airport in December.

     From December 6 to December 8, along the Nanhai Harbor and Pearl River, the global guests would draw the blueprint of global economic growth. As the name card of Guangzhou, Baiyun Airport has been taking efforts to accelerate the construction of global aviation hub, to provide the strongest support for the economic development of Guangzhou.


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After the 2010 Asia Games, Guangzhou was on the world stage again. The 2017 Fortune Global Forum Guangzhou held in Guangzhou today, lasting for 3 days. The theme of this forum was "Openness and Innovation: Shaping the Global Economy". There were totally 388 enterprises participating in this forum, 152 of them were the Fortune 500 companies, and 72 of them were leading companies. And the participants included Tim Cook from Apple, Jack Ma from Alibaba, and Mr. Pony Ma from Tencent etc.