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Let's talk about costs reduction and efficiency improvement | BUSINESS TRAVEL SERVICE COMPANY:With meticulous and frequent observation, we’re offering a plan for costs reduction


In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of all staff for costs reduction and efficiency improvement, Business Travel Service Company recently actively carried out the activity of ‘I offer a plan for costs reduction and efficiency improvement’. By holding ‘sharing forum’ and ‘topic discussion’, encourage everyone to speak freely in combination with their own posts, making the collision of thought burst out a spark of wisdom, and helping the costs reduction and efficiency improvement to be implemented and achieved.

Today, we will launch the third issue of the special column ‘Let’s talk about costs reduction and efficiency improvement’. Let's listen to the suggestions of various departments of Business Travel Service Company on costs reduction and efficiency improvement.


Information Technology Department

reduce costs and increase efficiency by Intelligent transformation


Apply intelligent robot.

First, indoor disinfection robot is applied to replace manual disinfection in VIP Lounge 6. According to the action area of 2800 square meters and the price of 300 yuan per barrel of disinfectant, the use of disinfection robot can save at least 1900 yuan per time than manual disinfection.

Second, the introduction of meal delivery robot can not only reduce the direct contact of VIP passengers during the epidemic and improve the epidemic prevention ability, but also alleviate the pressure of manual service during peak hours, thus reducing the labor costs .


Make full use of the existing administrative office system. We have investigated and analyzed the current situation of the administrative office information process, and promoted process development and online work.Eventually we enable the online internal administrative approval business and accelerate the informatization and paperless of the administrative office business and therefore improve work efficiency, reduce labor costs and save office expenses.


Human Resources Department

Use the power of the Internet to improve efficiency


All departments are encouraged to make more use of online training resources (including courseware) to reduce cost related to offline training and venue rental.


We make the training effective by increasing the development of online training courseware,so that we can satisfy the needs of employees' business training , and at the meantime avoid the time-consuming shortcomings of offline training.


Financial Management Department

Conserve energy to save money and protect environmental.


Documents among departments shall be submitted in the form of PDF stamped with electronic seal, which can not only facilitate archiving, but also reduce the consumption of paper and printing consumables.


The temperature of air conditioner in the offices shall be controlled at 26 ℃. The air conditioner shall be turned off 30 minutes before duty off, and the electric fan shall be used for ventilation. After duty, the power supply of computers, drinking fountains, printers and copies shall be strictly cut off to avoid standby power consumption.


General Office

Stress the essentials to improve efficiency, subdivide work to reduce costs.


Actively track the market supply and demand dynamics, master the fluctuation of material purchase price, and implement dynamic management of settlement price.


Various departments work together to formulate the procurement plan scientifically.


Strengthen channel management and reasonably select material procurement suppliers.


Specify indicators and clarify responsibilities. Distribute the use limits to the user department to strictly control the cost.


Party-masses work department

reduce costs and improve efficiency from the details


Adhered to green environmental protection, we turn off the spotlight of the billboard during non major meetings or research, which can save at least 1000 yuan per year.


Actively respond to the marketing activities of all employees of the company, strive to master in both party construction and business, and break through the shackles of efficiency improvement. Mobilize employees and their families to choose the company's service products on sale in the first place, such as air tickets, lounge services, cultural and creative products, etc if they have plans for travelling. In case of labour union activities or out-door studying, the company's internal travel agency is selected first to stimulate domestic demand,thus benefiting both learning and efficiency improvement.


Carry out the "love sharing reading" initiative continuously, and encourage employees to donate their idle books to the company for borrowing, which is expected to reduce the book purchase cost by about 8000 yuan per year.


Pullman Hotel

Find talents from all posts by performance competition.


Reduce labor costs by means of "one person with multiple posts" and "post cross training"; At the same time, adjust the operation time and dining time of business places in various catering areas, and adopt a centralized management mode to reduce "resource waste".


On the premise of not reducing the budget, strengthen the cooperation between schools and enterprises, and recruit more interns with an internship period of one year or more, and grant sufficient training time and room for improvement, consequently saving labor costs and reserving human resources.


Cooperate with multi channel to increase the online promotion of innovative package products, increase the promotion reward of employees, and enhance their participation and enthusiasm.



Author / Business Travel Service Company

Translation: Shen Zhiqiang

Editor / Li Dan, Zheng Haiqin, Huang Zijian, Xu Yanyuan