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Energy and Resource Conservation Publicity Week|Baiyun Airport:making the airport a greener one with higher standard


The National Energy and Resource Conservation Publicity Week - “Energy saving,carbon reducing and greener development” starts from Aug 23 to Aug 29. Aug 25 is the National Low Carbon Day - make a greener future with low-carbon lifestyle”.

Today, Baiyun Airport has put forward the plan for the “14th Five-Year Plan” strategic construction of more than 40 energy-saving and environmental protection projects.In the next five years, Baiyun Airport will strive to build a new benchmark for the construction of Civil Aviation green airports by improving greener operation management system, sticking to the principle of economical and intensive use and the idea of ecological harmony, carrying out the demand of low-carbon effective operation, creating the airport a green and characteristic brand.  



Make sustained efforts to create three-star green terminal

The Terminal 3 is now under construction, it will use many advanced measures to comply with the latest standard of green terminal evaluation criterion such as high functional exterior protected construction, highly efficient freezing machinery room, new BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, adjustable intelligent sun shading system, environmental monitoring for the Internet of things.

Baiyun Airport continues to apply the green low-carbon  philosophy through the advancement of green airport construction and creatively performs green terminal project, design, construction, operation, transformation, management with comprehensive life-cycle model. The Terminal 2 continues to hold a title of “SKYTRAX FIVE-STAR TERMINAL” for three years. The Terminal 2 was originally built with the goal of environmental friendly as introducing some advanced technology like photovoltaic technology,rainwater reuse system,BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology and high efficiency cooling system.

Baiyun Airport obtained the certification of "Three-star Green Building Operation Logo" in 2020 and the "Certificate of Green Building Design Label" in 2015, successfully created the design and operation of "double logo" three-star green terminal. It also won the first prize of “2020 National Green Building Innovation Award”. The Terminal 2 of Baiyun Airport has been put into operation for three years through green operation and control of the whole life cycle, realizing continuous reduction of comprehensive energy consumption.



Continuously shorten the aircraft ground taxi time

Baiyun Airport takes the "integration of airfield operation" as the working idea and draws lessons from the modes and measures of energy conservation and emission reduction of airport operation at home and abroad. It takes airport apron control as the entry point, connecting the whole process of flight arrival and departure by optimizing the main processes of aircraft ground operation. Thus Baiyun Airport plays a primary role of airport operation and control.

By adopting effective measures such as the runway operation mode optimization, slide to flight pre-management, in and out simultaneously on sliding channel, aircraft towing line optimization, Baiyun Airport has effectively reduced the on-ground sliding time of the aircraft and realized accurate departure sequencing, air-ground cooperation discharging as well as the efficient use of the resources of the ground and the reasonable configuration. 

The average sliding time decreased by 1.69 minutes, 9.03% compared with the same period last year. The average push-out time decreased by 1.43 minutes, 15.28% less than the previous year (2019, pre-PANDEMIC data). Accurate operation brings significant results in cost reduction and efficiency improvement of Baiyun Airport. According to statistics, the optimization on ground operation saves about 13,000 tons of aviation fuel and reduces about 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions every year. Baiyun Airport Aircraft Apron Operation Optimized Project was awarded as the Green Airport Demonstration Project in 2020 by the Civil Aviation Administration.




Adhere to create an eco-friendly airport environment

In recent years, Baiyun Airport together with 14 stationed units such as China Southern Airlines, has played the role of coordination mechanism of the joint working group, focusing on breakthroughs in the management and control of new energy vehicles, vehicle exhaust gas improvement and the use of APU alternative facilities.

Since 2018, with vehicle access as the focus, Baiyun Airport has promoted the replacement and optimization of new energy vehicles, and the proportion of new energy vehicles has increased significantly, with new energy accounted for 59% of new vehicles. The total vehicle fuel consumption has decreased by 5.3% and 27.9% respectively in the past two years compared to the same period last year, and the cumulative carbon dioxide emission has been reduced by 9,246 tons in the past two years. 239 charging piles were newly built in the flight zone with the vehicle-to-pile ratio reaching 2.2 to 1, it would meet the charging needs of passengers and ground service support vehicles. Baiyun Airport has also promoted the completion of more than 2,500 vehicles of national Grade III and below exhaust modification or scrapped and updated, and achieved 100% of the exhaust emissions of all vehicles. To achieve "zero emissions" of all aircraft relying on the bridge, Baiyun Airport ensures that the utilization rate of APU replacement facilities is kept at 100% which saves 25,000 tons of aviation fuel and reduces 81,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. APU replacement project has successfully passed four rounds of supervision by the Civil Aviation Administration, and Baiyun Airport has been awarded as "Advanced unit of Civil Aviation to win the battle to defend the blue sky". The sewage treatment plants are 100% compliant with discharge standards and was awarded "Green Enterprise" by Guangdong Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the comprehensive energy consumption and intensity energy consumption of Baiyun Airport have been effectively controlled, successfully achieved the energy consumption targets. Meanwhile, Baiyun Airport has successively completed the construction of "trinity" management system of energy, environment and carbon emissions. Also, Baiyun Airport has accomplished the construction of energy management platform, boarding bridge management platform, vehicle scheduling system and new energy vehicle charging guidance system and improved management efficiency through intelligent technological means.

 By improving the operation efficiency of energy consumption system, Baiyun Airport has finished the construction of efficient refrigeration machine room, intelligent transformation of air-land high pole lamp, energy-saving transformation of terminal parking building lighting, energy-saving transformation of boilers and other energy-saving projects. At the same time, Baiyun Airport actively introduces the implementation mode of contract energy management project and innovates the implementation mode of energy-saving projects.

Baiyun Airport also achieved better performance on promoting regional environmental governance, sewage treatments, blue sky protection and other aspects by cooperating with airport-resident corporations. It  greatly reduced all kinds of carbon emissions generated by airport operation and realized the harmonious symbiosis between airport, city, nature and society.

The official of Baiyun Airport introduces that Baiyun Airport is currently carrying out research on cutting-edge technologies of energy conservation and environmental protection, striving to lay a solid foundation in a new round of green development. Next, Baiyun Airport will also combine Green airport construction with the national policy for carbon of peak carbon neutral to draw carbon peak implementation map. 

Baiyun Airport will comprehensively enhance the level of green airport construction in the area of promoting the airport with efficiency, increasing the clean energy proportion, carbon emissions and make efforts to build new benchmarks for civil aviation.


Author / The Construction and Managing Department

Translation / Liu Yi

Editor / Huang Zijian, Xu Yanyuan, Xie Zhiqiang, Yang Yichang