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Spring Festival Travel Rush Support| Baiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. ’s Switchable Baggage Check-In Equipments are Put Into Use To Support The Spring Festival Travel Rush Of Baiyun Airport


Spring Festival Travel Rush Support | Baiyun Information Technology Co.Ltd. s Switchable Baggage Check-In Equipments are Put Into Use To Support The Spring Festival Travel Rush Of Baiyun Airport


On January 18, the manual / self-service hybrid switchable baggage check-in equipments have put into use officially at Baiyun Airport. The equipments are the "Navigator" series products of the self-owned brand of Guangdong Airport Baiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baiyun IT") under Baiyun Airport. The equipments have two modes of manual and self-service to handle check-in service and baggage check-in service, and they are innovatively installed a lifting screen structure to create a brand new passenger air travel experience with new technology and new mode.


It is understood that the four equipments put into use this time are located at counter 23 and 24 on check-in island C and D in Terminal 1 of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. It is the first time that Baiyun Airport has enabled self-service baggage check-in equipment that can choose two different modes of manual check-in and self-service check-in through the operation module, adding a variety of check-in modes for passengers to choose and improving the efficiency of baggage check-in.


The equipment adopts two core technologies:

 3D baggage detection patented technology. It has a strong adaptive detection algorithm to measure the size of baggage and improve the inspection efficiency of baggage size, so as to improve the efficiency of baggage check-in.

 An installation structure of lifting screen. It provides barrier-free space for passengers to communicate with airport personnel and improves the effective communication between staff and passengers, so as to give passengers an excellent sense of service experience.


During the Spring Festival Travel Rush, the passenger flow is large. If there are many passengers handling the baggage check-in service at the manual counter, the equipments can be switched to the manual mode to guide some of the passengers at the manual counter to handle the service here, which shortens the waiting time of passengers. The workload of airport personnel can be reduced when switching to self-service mode.


The next step, Baiyun Airport will continue to carry out research and innovation on  baggage check-in equipment technology, absorb advanced technology and improve product performance continuously, so as to form a strong self-service industrial chain integrating research, development, production and use, helping Baiyun airport to build "smart airport".


Written by Wu Zimin

Photographed by Chen Junwen

Edited by Gong Zijun