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Check The Flight By Facial Recognition! Baiyun Airport Smart Flight Information Display Helps Passengers Travel During Spring Festival Travel Rush


Check The Flight By Facial Recognition! Baiyun Airport Smart Flight Information Display Helps Passengers Travel During Spring Festival Travel Rush

As the Spring Festival approaches, the passenger flow of Baiyun Airport is gradually increasing. In order to better provide flight query services to passengers, Baiyun Airport has newly established 16 smart flight information display devices in T1 and T2. Passengers can quickly query the flight, boarding gate, baggage turntable and other information by facial recognition.

Say goodbye to passive waiting and check the flight by facial recognition

In the past, passengers could only wait passively in front of the traditional flight display screen and check the flight information until it scrolls to their flights.

Passengers who come to Baiyun Airport no need to worry about this problem anymore. The smart flight display of Baiyun Airport adopts advanced 3D facial recognition technology. Passengers dont need to register in advance and they just need to log in by "face-scan", which can not only quickly obtain the basic information of the flight to be taken, but also obtain baggage claim guidance.

Precise positioning and personalized guidance service

It is reported that there are 19 smart flight information display devices in Baiyun Airport, including 8 in T1 and 11 in T2, which are all distributed in the control area after the security inspection, including connecting corridors, airside corridors, arrival baggage claim areas and other locations.


Compared with the traditional flight information display system, the smart flight information display system of Baiyun Airport can provide accurate personalized guidance services according to passengers in different positions of the terminal. For example, passengers in the departure hall can check the flight number, destination, boarding time, boarding gate and other information on the smart flight information display set in the connecting corridors, airside corridors and check in quickly. As for the passengers in the arrival hall, they can check the flight number, departure place, arrival time, baggage turntable and other information on the smart flight information display set in the baggage claim area and obtain accurate baggage claim guidance.

In the future, Baiyun Airport will continue to promote the application of facial recognition and other technologies during the whole services process for passengers, and explore more safe, efficient and thoughtful contactless service solutions under the situation of normalization of epidemic prevention and control. It will expand the coverage and business scenarios of biometrics service applications and continuously improve the service quality.

Written and photographed by Information Technology Department

Edited by Zheng Haiqin