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26℃ Cordial Service: Always Put herself in Passengers’ Shoes, the Check-in Attendant Was Praised For Her Considerate Service.


“I’m genuinely grateful for the patient and comprehensive help providing by Liu Mengqi, the check-in attendant of Flight MS959. Thank you a lot!” Recently, the International check-in Department of Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Flight Service Branch received a praise and thanks letter from the customer service center of Baiyun Airport entrusted by passenger Mr. Li.

At 21:00 on February 18, passengers of Flight MS959 from Guangzhou to Cairo were queuing up in order to check in at the counter. When Liu Mengqi, the international check-in attendant was patrolling near the counter, she saw a passenger with a look of embarrassment. She hurried forward to ask. It turned out that the passenger needed to transfer in Cairo for work, but according to his visa, he also needed to provide a return ticket, however the return ticket purchased by him has not been issued. The check-in formalities were about to be suspended, if he couldn't catch the scheduled flight, he would delay his work, so he was very anxious. After knowing the situation, Liu Mengqi tried to set the passenger at ease and find a way to coordinate at the same time. While helping passenger contact the customer service of ticket purchase, she communicated with airlines to look for possible solutions. However, as time went by, the problem remained unsolved after repeated communication.

At 22:20, it was time for the flight check-in procedures to stop. The passenger failed to travel smoothly in the end for his return ticket not meeting the travel conditions. In addition, it was too late to return to his place of residence, so he decided to book a hotel online for one night and then look for another solution. Liu Mengqi, who was regretting for her failure to help the passengers, noticed that the passenger were carrying a lot of luggage, and he didn't know much about the surrounding conditions of Baiyun Airport. She quickly handed over the work with her colleagues, and found a trolley to help the passenger settle his luggage one by one, and then guided him to the pick-up point of the hotel. She didn't leave until the passenger safely got on the pick-up car.

Although Liu Mengqi still failed to help the passengers make the trip smoothly with lots of efforts, she was able to be anxious and and think about the passengers and make the passengers feel the warmth of spring breeze with careful and considerate service.


Written by Qi Xumin, Liang Jinhuang, Zhang Jiani

Photographed by Zhang Jiani

Edited by Xu Yanyuan