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Race Against Time and Sustain Life


"Thank you very much for the help of Baiyun Airport. You have won precious time for saving lives. It only took us one hour from the hospital to the moment we boarded the plane. Thank you very much for the staffs of Baiyun Airport who are running for life!" Hu Zhipeng and Ruan Yongle, doctors from the People's Hospital of Wuhan University said excitedly as they wiped the sweat on their foreheads.

Extremely urgent, emergency help

At 7:48 on June 17, the airport operations commander at the AOC Hall of Baiyun Airport received a telephone notice from the 9Air dispatch that there was a live organ transportation in the flight AQ1315 (from Guangzhou to Wuhan), which was  scheduled to departure at 9:50. The airport operations commander immediately started the transportation support procedure of live organs according to the process and notified relevant support units.

Two minutes later, the airport operations commander suddenly received a notice from the Airport Customer Service Center. The doctor was expected to leave from the hospital to Baiyun Airport at 8:30. At that time, it was rush hour and the road was prone to congestion. The doctor was worried about missing the flight and asked Baiyun Airport for help. The airport operations commander immediately reported the special case to the duty manager.

"Check the flights to Wuhan today immediately" said the duty manager to the information seat commander. After inquiry, except flight AQ1315 which was scheduled to leave the port at 9:50, the latest flight was expected to take off in three hours.

The survival time of live organs in vitro is very short, and it need to reach the destination at the fastest speed. Time is life. If it can arrive one minute earlier, the life waiting for treatment will have more hope of success.

The duty manager immediately issued instructions: explain the reasons to the Airlines and coordinate to delay the departure time of flight AQ1315, coordinate the nearest taxiing route with the apron controller, and assist the air traffic control in applying for the priority release of flight AQ1315, and notify the security inspection, flight service and other relevant support units to fully cooperate to ensure the normal boarding of live organs and the rapid departure of flights!

"Hello, 9air dispatch unit. This is Baiyun airport AOC. The live organs for AQ1315 may arrive late and the flight needs to be delayed. Please do a good job in passenger comfort and related docking. The airport will fully cooperate to ensure the smooth boarding of live organ!"

"Hello, apron control, flight AQ1315 has live organ transportation, and the flight needs to be delayed. Please arrange the priority of launching and the nearest taxiing route, and apply to the air traffic control for priority departure......"

"Hello, flight service unit. Some passengers on AQ1315 may arrive late at the airport. Please make preparations for boarding support in advance!"

"Hello, security inspection unit, please prepare the green security channel in advance..."

The commanders on each seat calmly issued instructions one after another to ensure the preparations were carried out in an orderly manner.

Mission bound and take off smoothly

With the concerted efforts of all units, the doctors carrying live organs finally arrived at Baiyun Airport at 9:30.

The 9Air staffs quickly checked in for the doctors and led the doctors to the boarding gate through the green security inspection channel with the assistance of the staffs of customer service, flight service, security inspection and Terminal 1 management staff.

The doctors arrived at the boarding gate to board the plane at 9:53 and completed the formalities of live organ transportation with the flight crew. And the passengers boarded the plane smoothly at 9:57.

The flight AQ1315 was launched normally and smoothly at 10:09 and took off at 10:17.

To race against time and sustain life, Baiyun Airport AOC and all support units make every effort to coordinate, race against time, and run for life with fast and efficient linkage. This is not only a "Hope" for life, but also the responsibility of Baiyun Airport people, and also the original intention and mission of "Cordial Service" of Baiyun Airport!

Written and photographed by Zhaohai, LuoGang

Edited by Xu Yanyuan