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Here Comes Yunkang Code! Baiyun Airport Has New Measures For Epidemic Prevention


Recently, employees can pass quickly by scanning the Yunkang site code posted at a prominent position before entering nucleic-acid amplification test stations of Baiyun Airport and showing the passage status and health code information to the on-site staff. Yunkang code is independently developed by Guangdong Airport Baiyun Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baiyun Xinke"), a subsidiary of Baiyun Airport. It has shown good results since it was put into operation in early May this year. At present, Baiyun Airport is gradually expanding the application of Yunkang code within the airport.

According to the epidemic prevention and control requirements, each resident unit of Baiyun airport needs to regularly collect employees’ nucleic acid information and visit records of visitors every day. How to quickly collect information and accurately complete the inspection has become a major problem in the airport epidemic control. Baiyun Xinke acted quickly and convened the R&D team to develop the Yunkang code based on the Yunkang system, the epidemic prevention data statistical analysis platform of Baiyun Airport. It is understood that the Yunkang code can both be displayed and scanned. After inspected staffs scanning the code, information can  be immediately backed up and uploaded to the Yunkang system in time.

By referring to the Yunkang system, you can not only get real-time information about staffs' health codes, vaccination status, nucleic acid testing results and other health information, but also accurately classify and manage specific groups of interest to ensure that "every person should be tested" and no one should be missed out, providing timely and reliable data for accurate flow control and seizing the "golden time" for epidemic prevention control. In addition, Yunkang code can realize the "multi-code" integration and real-time display of key information such as staffs' Suikang code, nucleic acid amplication testing and vaccine requirement, on-the-job information, and effectively improve the accuracy and efficiency of verification when staffs enter and leave the site.

Written by Qu Leying, Fengshuting

Photographed by Li Peiqian

Edited by Xu Yanyuan