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5 Ways to protect yourself from counterfeit tickets

    News from Civil Aviation: Ticket fraud cases surged in recent years have brought massive property loss to the civil aviation passengers and airlines. The Civil Aviation Administration here summaries some ticket fraud cases and shares how to recognize and avoid frauds, let's learn together.  

Trick 1: Provide counterfeit ticket itinerary to defraud the difference

    Ms Li bought the ticket with full price which was also shown in the ticket itinerary from one proxy website, but was informed by the airline that the ticket was 70% discount when she tried to change ticket due to updated schedule. She even could not apply for reimbursement when she verified the ticket itinerary as she cannot provide relative vouchers.

    How trick work: In order to get more profit, some dishonest merchant usually change the ticket price by providing counterfeit ticket itinerary. As there are strict limits when you change the low price ticket, you have to buy new tickets if you cannot change your ticket. Apparently, you cannot apply for reimbursement with the counterfeit ticket itinerary.

    Expert Warn: Please buy tickets through the official website of airlines or official proxy website of agencies. Check or inquiry the website service provider whether they have legally registered in the state administration for industry and commerce, and hold the China Air Transport Association Certification (Login the official website of CATA for verification). Pay attention to keep and collect order screen shot and payment vouchers, for the purpose of safeguarding legitimate rights.

    You can check the ticket by dialing service line of the airline you take, and ask whether your ticket is in normal and service available state.

    CA 95583 MU 95530 CZ 95539 HU 95339

    MF 95557 3U 95378 ZH 95080 SC 95369

    In addition, you can choose,

    Phone-call verification: Dial service line 400-8158888 from TRAVELSKY

    Website verification: Login TRAVELSKY official websites; if you do not need the printed ticket itinerary, please ask for the reservation number for verification.

Trick 2: SMS fraud on ticket refund and changes

    Mr. Zhao got the flight cancellation message from the airline immediately after he booked the ticket from the website. He checked the relative APP at once, but found there was no updated cancelation information of his flight. Then he knew it was a SMS fraud.

    Expert Warn: Please do verify on the official website of airlines especially when you get SMS about flight cancelation, flight changes, ticket refund and ticket changes. Do not reply to unsolicited message you don't recognize, to protect yourself from fraud.

    Official website of airlines:





Trick 3: Defraud the difference by embezzling airline miles rewards

    Ms Wang was informed that her ticket was redeemed with others' airline miles when she checked in for the flight. She was wondering why the ticket she bought by herself was redeemed with flier miles from others?

    How trick work: According to regulations from airline, you can redeem ticket when your airline miles reach certain amount. So some dishonest merchants try to embezzle airline miles from others in order to redeem the tickets, and then sell these tickets to the consumer to get profits from the difference.

    Expert Warn: Please check the price of your ticket. You can dial the service hotline of airlines to confirm the ticket price after you buy the ticket. If the price is zero, the ticket is possibly redeemed with airline miles.

Trick 4: Defraud the difference by changing cabin from premium class to lower class

    Mr. He noticed there was one more ticket in the APP beside the one he already booked. When he checked with the service line from airlines, he found his current Class B cabin with10% discount was replaced with Class E cabin with50% discount. He had to pay 672CNY more for this, but with less flier miles.

    How trick work: The cabin is reservation cabin from the view of ticket business, rather than the actual first-class cabin or economic cabin. Different cabin means different percent of the full price of corresponding economic cabin, so the percentage of accumulated miles is also different.

    Expert Warn: Please pay attention to the cabin information of your ticket. You can dial the service hotline of airlines to check your cabin, and assure your cabin is not replaced.

Trick 5: Tickets refunded and changed arbitrarily

    Mr. Liu was informed his flight was canceled when he checked in at the airport. But, he had never got any relative messages or other forms of notice. As a result, his schedule had to be delayed.

    How trick work: Your tickets could be changed or refunded without notification sometimes, this could affect your travel schedule.

    Expert Warn: Please check the real-time flight information through official airlines. Be aware of the cases of flights being changed arbitrarily.