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Corporate Culture

Corporate Culture

Baiyun, stands for white clouds in Chinese, is a beautiful and poetic name, symbolizing beauty, kindness and peace. Clouds are the formed of water drops hanging in the sky and the water vapor on the ground evaporates into clouds. White clouds are the masterpiece of the intersection and circulation of heaven and earth. The Book of Changes says: When heaven and earth are connected harmoniously, peace and blessing descend upon all living things. When the government and its people are connected reasonably, they cherished the same ideals and followed the same path. Communication means allowing access between persons, which represents propitious sign. The Book of Changes also says: The connection of heaven and earth brings us Tai. Tai refers to the peace when everything integrate and interact harmoniously which profoundly implicates auspiciousness, peace, sensibility, harmony. Du Mu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, wrote the famous line "Homesteads unveiled in the floating white clouds", depicting the picture of white clouds full of vitality and triggers infinite reverie of people.

Baiyun Airport enjoys unique gifted resource, therefore there is only one airport in the world named Baiyun. There is a natural integration between the beautiful implication of Baiyun and the cultural characteristics of Baiyun Airport. Through the comparison and integration of them, the Baiyun Character of beauty, smoothness, ambitiousness, purity and wisdom are excavated and refined. 

Beautiful as clouds, building a gorgeous airport.

White clouds, varying in shapes, are graceful and picturesque. Being both an external window of the country and a name card of the region and the city, Baiyun Airport is dedicated to build a beautiful airport and presenting the world the beauty of China. Through modern and humanized planning and construction, as well as creating the atmosphere of Flower City blooming in all seasons, Baiyun Airport will leave a beautiful and unique first impression on passing passengers while displaying them the beauty of the airport environment. In accordance with genuine service philosophy, Baiyun Airport provides sincere, careful and considerate service to bring passengers new aspects of experience which demonstrates the beauty of airport service. Besides, Baiyun Airport has been comprehensively carrying forward the construction of airport culture by integrating Lingnan characteristics to promote traditional culture and demonstrates the beauty of airport culture to the passengers.

Smooth as clouds, operating with efficiency and convenience.

White clouds, floating and drifting like water, are elegant and stretching. Baiyun Airport is committed to providing excellent quality service and continuously optimizing the service process, making maximum utilization of resources, unremittingly improving the operation quality, and striving to achieve seamless connection, thus ensuring the passengers convenient, efficient and enjoyable trips.

Ambitious as clouds, pursuing excellence.

White clouds, high up in the sky, take in a overall view of the world at one glance. Located in Guangzhou, as the important starting point of Maritime Silk Road as well as a strategic area for the Belt and Road Initiative and the construction of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Baiyun Airport belongs not only to local people, but also to China and the world. In this new era when big powers rise and Chinese nation revives, Baiyun Airport, with high aspirations and pursuit for excellence, is determined to build a world-class aviation hub. Baiyun Airport strives strives to be the leader of the world-class airport group among Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and to assist fulfill the dream of becoming a nation strong in civil aviation. In the new era of the rise of great powers and national rejuvenation, Baiyun Airport, with high aspirations and the pursuit of excellence, is determined to build a world-class aviation hub, Baiyun Airport strives to be the leader of the world-class airport group among Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and help realize the dream of becoming a civil aviation power.

Pure as clouds, showing cleanliness and tranquility. 

White clouds, pure and clean, can reach far in tranquility. The cleanliness of Baiyun Airport echoes the clean and tidy environment of Baiyun Airport and the consistent advocacy to maintaining a wholesome political atmosphere of outspoken and integrity, including the persistent pursuit of noble characters such as adhering to the moral bottom line and being brave in shouldering responsibilities. Only with a peace of mind can we look forward to the future clearly and move ahead with determination. The tranquility of white clouds echoes the fact that the colleagues of Baiyun Airport overcome the interference and complexity, so as to realize our vision of giving passengers the best airport service in the world with patience, demonstrating the strategic determination of building a world-class airport, as well as the calmness, perseverance and self-confidence to weather the storm on the way forward.

Smart as clouds, making innovations and differences. 

White clouds, accommodating to the changing situation, are smart and flexible. Baiyun Airport embraces changes of our times and keeps abreast of the times accordingly. With an open and inclusive attitude and wisdom, Baiyun Airport advocates the awareness of " Great Baiyun" and strengthens cooperation with all parties thus achieving harmony and win-win results internally and externally. With an innovative and vigorous attitude, Baiyun Airport will unremittingly promote model innovation, strive to build a smart airport and deliver unique experience and enjoyment for passengers genuinely.

 Corporate Mission: Sailing from Baiyun, Reaching out to the World

"White clouds" refers to the peace when everything integrate and interact harmoniously which profoundly implicates auspiciousness, peace, sensibility, harmony. In this new era, Baiyun Airport examines its own role orientation and historical responsibility from a broader space-time perspective, from the point of taking responsibility of connecting the world and promoting the development of national and regional economy and society as an engine, as well as realizing the value of assisting win-win results among all parties, thus introducing the corporate mission of Baiyun Airport: Sailing from Baiyun, Reaching out to the world. From Baiyun to the world, Baiyun is not only the departure point for a journey but also a starting point for developing business; the world is not only the destination, but also the circumstance where businesses develop and succeed.       

Sailing from Baiyun means departure from Baiyun Airport, expressing the beautiful artistic conception of Baiyun accompanying flight. Baiyun Airport is committed to delivering safe, comfortable and convenient travel experience for passengers. In addition, Sailing from Baiyun highlights the role of the airport as the engine of national and regional economic and social development. Baiyun Airport is dedicated to building a starting point for national and regional economic and social development and the career of all partners. Sailing from Baiyun Airport, we will enter toward a new era and start a new journey.

Reaching out to the world means that Baiyun Airport provides passengers global travel experience, delivering comfort and ease. It is extended to a broader world for dream realization and career success which means that Baiyun Airpor will be the platform of promoting the great rejuvenation of the nation and the realization of the dream of becoming a strong power in civil aviation, and achieving harmony and win-win results for all parties.

Our Vision: Humanistic and Smart Baiyun, Making a World-class Airport      

Baiyun stands for white clouds in Chinese, representing beautiful, smooth, ambitious, clean and intelligent. Colleagues of Baiyun Airport always stay true to the original aspiration and founding mission, and are committed to building a humanistic wisdom airport to ultimately ranking first among the world-class airports. Humanistic and wisdom, is the important path that Baiyun Airport chooses as a starting point for realizing dreams. World class, is the strategic orientation for Baiyun Airport to pursuit excellence and forge ahead for the goal. From the conception of Humanistic and Wisdom to World-class, it finally settled in Baiyun Airport with clear path, definite goal and explicit ownership.

Humanistic and Wisdom contains rich connotations such as safety, green, cleanliness, convenience, culture, innovation, harmony, value and integrity. Baiyun Airport is committed to promoting the construction itself to a safe, green, clean, convenient, cultural, innovative, smart and harmonious airport. Baiyun Airport constantly adheres to the people-oriented concept, which embodies a spirit of humanity. While being constantly satisfying the passengers' evolving and changing needs, Baiyun Airport also strives to ensure pleasant journeys for passengers and devotes to improving colleagues across the airport on their career-development, health, wellbeing and safety, as well as maximizing the values of all partners in collaboration with Baiyun Airport to achieve harmony and win-win results.

"World class" highlights the era role of Baiyun Airport with lofty aspirations and the pursuit of excellence, as well as the pursuit of noble aspiration and high-quality development benchmarking advanced role models and striving for first-class airports. Baiyun Airport is devoted to reaching the world-class level in various aspects such as expanding terms of business volume and scale, improving operation standard quality, cultivating service brand and promoting management culture innovation by continuously consolidating the safety foundation, improving service level, optimizing resource allocation, deepening mode innovation and improving core competitiveness. Baiyun Airport is making progress towards the vision goal of becoming international first-class aviation hub, first-class safety service quality, first-class asset profitability, first-class reform and innovation ability and first-class party construction management level.

Our Value: Customers First, Safe and Efficient, Pursuing Excellence, Achieving All-win Harmony

Customers First: Customers, including not only external customers such as airlines, passengers and cargo owners, but also the internal customers, the employees of Baiyun Airport. Externally, customers are at the heart of the Baiyun proposition. It is therefore critically important that Baiyun Airport develops an airport that meets the customers’ needs by transforming from the concept of “easy and convenient for management” to “satisfying customers’ needs first” and provides high-quality services carefully, and dedicates to creating maximum value for customers. Internally, employees are the main body of the Baiyun Airport which are also the fundamental factor determining our survival and development. Baiyun Airport will harness the capabilities and commitment of every person who interacts with our passengers directly or indirectly in the pursuit of giving passengers the best airport service in the world. We must put more emphasis on team bonding, care for and treat employees well, nurture them to fulfill their potential, help employees find the right work at Baiyun, mobilize employees' enthusiasm and creativity, and promote the realization of the sustainable development goal of the airport.

Safety and Efficient: Safety is the basis for the survival and development of the airport industry. It is the cornerstone of all civil aviation work and the foundation of the healthy and sustainable development of our cause. Without security, all work will be impossible. We must work collaboratively with our airlines to ensure that safety and security underpin everything we do, focus on zero tolerance to the potential safety hazards, achieve comprehensive coverage of safety management, and create a safe and secure airfield of "safe airport". On the basis of ensuring safety, Baiyun Airport continuously improves management efficiency, optimizes service process, improves operation quality, and delivers passengers a more convenient, efficient and smooth travel experience.

 Pursuing Excellence: The pursuit of excellence, is an enterprising spirit and a state of constant striving for perfection, striving to give full play to the advantages, abilities and available resources. Based on high standards and high quality, Baiyun Airport adheres to high-quality development and benchmarking advanced, bravely achieves the first-class, and unswervingly forges ahead to the goal of becoming a world-class aviation hub.

Achieving All-win Harmony: "Harmony in a family makes everything successful". Harmony is the basis of teamwork and the foundation of prosperity. As there is a long service chain in airport industry involving various service links, wide intersection distribution and supporting subjects. It is significant to emphasize internal and external solidarity, sincere cooperation and efficient coordination to jointly enhance the overall operation quality and core competitiveness of Baiyun Airport. The colleagues of Baiyun Airport, with a high vision and a broad view of the world, put efforts to strengthen solidarity and coordination with all parties, dedicate to creating a cultural atmosphere of " working together beneath the white clouds and blue sky, creating a world-class airport " and promoting the formation of a new development pattern of inclusiveness, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

Our Spirit: Confident and Responsible-CAN

CAN stands for Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in the universal three-character code compiled by International Air Transport Association (IATA). CAN is mostly implicated by the positive and affirmative meaning of "able and capable" in English, which can be extended to confidence and responsibility.  By introducing the connotation of "confidence and responsibility" of CAN as the corporate spirit, Baiyun Airport demonstrates a natural integration of identity and mission, name and spirit.

 Confidence and responsibility are the grand vision of lofty aspirations and the pursuit of excellence, as well as the calmness with purity and quietness. Baiyun Airport moves forward optimistically because we are confident and perseverant. Baiyun Airport embraces challenges and achieves our mission because we are full of sense of responsibility. The realization of the great dream for national rejuvenation, the Increasingly developing One belt, one road initiative in depth, the further development of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the strategy of strengthening the provincial and national power in civil aviation, are entrusting Baiyun Airport with a new era mission.

Confidence and responsibility are the most distinctive spirit of the times in contemporary China. The precious spiritual values precipitated during the historical development of Baiyun Airport, and indicating the internal demand of Baiyun Airport for future innovation, development and mission.


Practical Philosophy on Baiyun Airport Corporate Culture

Party Building: Core Leads to Develop, Upstanding and Integrity Accumulate Power

Safety: Comprehensive Coverage of Management, Zero Tolerance to Potential Safety Hazards

Service: Sincere Service, New Experience

Operation: Market-oriented, Professional, International

Talents: Let the Leaders Take the Lead, Assist the Doers in Their Needs

Codes for Employees

Behaving Ourselves: Discipline is the bottom line. Every employee of Baiyun Airport should abide by laws and regulations, implement rules and regulations, and carry out routine work according to certain procedures. Everyone should be loyal to the enterprise, post and duty, be honest and always tell the truth, and resolutely refuse to be two-faced people who act one way in public and another in private.

Keep on Improving: Improving ourselves is sensible. Every employee of Baiyun Airport should be diligent in learning, establish the concept of Live and Learn, be welcomed at embracing new ideas, new theories, new knowledge and new skills, and constantly improve their comprehensive ability and quality to meet the needs of corporate innovation and development. Everyone should take professionalism as the orientation, carry forward the craftsman spirit of the new era, focus on study in their business fields, concentrate on specialty and strive for perfection.

Working Proactively: Action is duty. Every employee of Baiyun Airport should transform languages into actions, strengthen problem-orientation and goal-orientation, take actions promptly, solve problems timely, improve executive power continuously, and accomplish work task efficiently with high quality. Everyone should regard work as responsibility and always bear a sense of responsibility in mind, and be a person who has the courage to take responsibility and respects the career with conscientiousness and responsibility all the time.

Considering Entirely: This is the culture. They should strengthen the concept and awareness of overall situation, and set store by overall interests. Starting from an overall point of view and understanding the overall situation will make the greater self. Every employee of Baiyun Airport should maintain a good mentality, learn to judge others’ feelings by their own, and treat others kindly with tolerance and understanding. They should trust each other and coordinate actively, thus to promote internal and external harmony and achieve win-win development. 

Overall Vision: Considering from the overall situation is the cooperate culture. Every employee of Baiyun Airport should enhance the concept and the awareness of the overall situation, attach importance to the overall situation at work, proceed from the overall situation, consider the general situation and become a better self. Every employee of Baiyun Airport should treat others with a generous mentality which means considerate, kind, tolerant and reasonable. Everyone should trust each other and coordinate actively to promote internal and external harmony and achieve win-win results.