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Flight arrival

Passengers who have relatives and friends picking up are advised to inform them in advance of the terminal where your flight will arrive..


Quarantine inspection and Border inspection

Passengers shall pass the entry quarantine and enter the border control area.

Passengers from yellow fever areas should present a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate to the quarantine inspector; inbound passengers suffering from fever, diarrhea, AIDS, venereal disease, mental illness, and open tuberculosis, please proactively declare to the quarantine agency.

Passengers should submit their travel documents, boarding passes, and "Foreigner Entry Card" to the immigration border police. After the police check, they can enter the country with the entry border seal.


Baggage claim

Please find the carousel where your checked baggage is located on the flght displays according to your flight number.

In order to prevent false claim and wrong taking, on-site staff may conduct random inspections and check the baggage tag/number and the barcode on the ticket, please keep your baggage  ticket and cooperate.


Customs inspection

Please go to the customs for inspection and cooperate with the customs staff during inspection. If you have any declarable items, please take the entry declaration passage, otherwise take the green passage.


Quarantine inspection

All carry-on luggage must be checked by X-ray machine.


Leave the airport

In order to protect your personal rights and the safety of your personal and property, please do not accept any services offered by any personnel without official airport work certificates outside the airport control area. Please do not take vehicles without operation qualification and soliciting passengers without permission..


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