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   Weight, Number and Size of Luggage
1. Each passenger is offered with a certain free luggage allowance, which is generally 20kg on domestic flights and 1 piece on international flights (2 pieces on American, Canadian, Japanese and Australian flights) up to 23kg in weight with the sum of length, width and height not exceeding 158cm. Please also follow the requirements of your airline for the specific free luggage allowance on different domestic and international flights.

2. Generally, domestic flights allow carry-on luggage not exceeding 20×40×55cm (about a 20-inch suitcase for reference) in size and 5kg in weight (depending on airlines). Luggage exceeding the prescribed limits should be checked in and should not be allowed to be carried by passengers.

3. Check-in counters will be closed 45 minutes before departure of domestic flights and 75 minutes before departure of international flights. Please allow sufficient time for checking in your flight and luggage at the check-in counter.

4. Currently, self-service check-in is not supported for international flights.

5. Luggage check-in counters may be adjusted depending on actual conditions of counters on the spot.

   Items Strictly Prohibited Onboard (Carry-on & Checked Luggage)
1. Guns, military/police equipment (including main parts) and its imitations.

2. Explosives, such as ammunitions, explosive materials, fire products (e.g. fireworks, firecracker, and flares) and their imitations.

3. Inflammables & explosives, such as matches, lighter (fire maker), ethyl alcohol, paint, gasoline, kerosene, benzene, rosinol and tobacco pad.

4. Controlled knives.

5. Poisonous, radioactive and corrosive materials, dangerous solution and other dangerous goods.

6. Other items strictly prohibited by national laws, administrative rules, and regulations.

   Items Allowed in Checked Luggage Only
1. Liquids exceeding 100ml as indicated on the label of external packing, e.g. makeup and skin care products.

2. Liquor: There is no limit for liquors with an alcoholic content lower than 24° vol, and a 5L limit for liquors with an alcoholic content in the range of 24°-70°vol. Check-in of liquors with an alcoholic content higher than 70° vol is strictly prohibited.)

3. Household knives, such as kitchen knives, fruit knives, shears, and shavers.

4. Professional tools, such as scalpels, butchering blades, and gravers.

5. Machetes, spears, swords, halberds, etc. for art performance.

   Items Allowed in Carry-on Luggage Only
1. Requirements for rated power of Power Bank and lithium battery

    (1) Power Banks, lithium batteries, or portable electronics backup batteries with a rated power higher than 100Wh (watt-hour) but not exceeding 160Wh are subject to the approval of your airline, and should not exceed 2 in number.

    (2) Those with a rated power exceeding 160Wh are strictly prohibited.

2. Notes

    (1) Power Banks, lithium batteries and portable electronics backup batteries without a rated power indicated or clearly indicated are prohibited to be carried on.

    (2) Power Banks should remain off throughout the flight. Using a Power Bank to charge electronics, charging a Power Bank, and turning on other functions of a Power Bank are strictly prohibited during a flight.

    (3) Backup lithium batteries should be well protected, such as by putting them separately into the original retail packaging, plastic bags or protection boxes, or covering exposed electrodes with tapes, so as to avoid spontaneous combustion or explosion of the batteries due to friction, collision, or short circuit.

   Instructions for Outer Packing of Luggage
1. Wrong packing methods:

    (1) Check in directly with a non-woven bag as the outer packing.

    (2) Check in with a plastic woven bag as the outer packing.

    (3) Pack a piece of luggage with the package for dangerous goods.

    (4) Bundle two pieces of luggage into one.

2. Correct packing:

    (1) Well pack the luggage in a draw-bar box and lock it.

    (2) Pack the luggage with special aviation bags.