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   Explosion-proof Security Inspection
1. Owing to the upgrade of security level and in order to enhance the security protection in the public area of the departure hall, all passengers and their belongings must receive a 1-minute explosion-proof inspection before entering the terminal.

2. The security inspector will take samples from carry-on items with special test papers and use an explosion-proof detector to detect the test papers. Items triggering an alarm will be re-inspected. All passengers and sendoff people should actively cooperate during the inspection.

3. For the safety of you and others, do not carry on explosive articles or inflammables or explosives, and be sure to check carry-on items in advance, so as to avoid prolonged explosion-proof security inspection due to prohibited articles contained in your luggage and subsequent delay of your schedule.

   Principle of Explosion-proof Detection
1. Wipe an item from the luggage repeatedly with a test paper and then insert the test paper into the explosion-proof detector. The machine will analyze the test paper quickly and accurately.

2. Explosives inside the luggage or their packing device can be detected by identifying traces of explosive.

3. Someone holding or producing an explosive prior to boarding will have some explosive particles left on his/her skin and suitcase. In this case, the test paper will reveal such explosive by generating an alarm in the machine.