Passenger Instructions

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   Quarantine for outbound passengers

Travelers should consult with travel health agencies or doctors 4-6 weeks before their departure, especially whether they need to be vaccinated, and go through health quarantine before leaving the country.


   Quarantine for inbound passengers

Travelers should understand the country’s restrictions and regulations on inspection and quarantine, perform sanitation and quarantine according to the relevant requirements, and actively cooperate with relevant inspection and quarantine.


   Items Prohibited from Entry

1Fruits, eggplants, pepper and tomatoes;

2Animal/ plant pathogens, insects and other biological and biological products;

3Live animals (except cats, dogs and other pets) and their sperm, ovum, embryo, and other animal remains;

4Animal aquatic products, milk and its products, animal blood and its products;

5Eggs, skin, bristles, coffin bones and horns, fat, viscera, meat, poultry, birds and their products;

6Animal carcasses and specimens;


8Follow the requirements of Guangzhou inspection and quarantine department.



Items Permitted for Entry Subject to the Approval of Inspection and Quarantine Authority

1Microorganisms, human tissues, human blood and their products;

2Fresh flowers, cut flowers and dried flowers;

3Plant samples, exhibits and specimens;

4Dried fruit, dried vegetables, salted & preserved vegetables, and frozen vegetables;

5Seeds, seedlings and other breeding materials, and tobacco pipes;

6Non-seed grain and beans;

7Bamboo, vine and withy products;

8Cats, dogs and other pets.


   Knowledge about Entry and Exit of Pets

Please check the inspection and quarantine and customs websites of the country you are going to enter online to check the relevant regulations. You can also directly contact the relevant animal entry-exit agency of the country, or consult the Embassy in China of the destination country for the entry-exit procedures, documents (such as official quarantine certificate) and fees required for the entry-exit of pets in the country.



Knowledge about Inspection and Quarantine Declaration

Address of inspection and quarantine declaration: Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, No.66, Huadu Avenue, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City.

Tel. of General Duty Office: 020-38290073.

You may visit the website of Guangdong Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to consult relevant laws and regulations about inspection and quarantine.