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Easy Security Check

Warm Tips

1.Registering as an “Easy Security Check” member is only the first step.

2.To ensure your access to "Easy Security Check" services, you need to fly more than 10 times (inclusive) a year at Baiyun Airport, and there are no violations in your previous travel records.

3.Baiyun Airport has deployed 10 “Easy Security Check” Passages (No.37-No.46) in domestic security check area of Terminal 2, only domestic departure passengers of China Southern Airlines are eligible for this service for now.

4.There is no need to make an appointment manually or in advance. If the requirements are met, the system will automatically push the information through the airline company during check-in. Please pay close attention to it.

5.The system is being improved and upgraded. It is temporarily unable to push the "easy security" information to passengers who check in at manual and self-service counters..



STEP 1: Purchase Air Tickets with 2nd-generation ID Card

Purchase air tickets through the official channels of the Airlines (e.g. the official APP of the airlines) with the People's Republic of China 2nd-generation ID Card.


STEP 2: Apply for registration

Follow the WeChat official account of Baiyun Airport, click "Airport Pass", select "Easy security check", processing real-name certification, participate in security knowledge learning and testing, sign Quick Security Check service agreement, open Easy Security Check service after you pass the audit.


STEP 3: Obtain Information

After check-in on the official APP of the airlines, the system will pushe the electronic boarding pass with the reserved "easy security" special passage ("37-46") for passengers


STEP 4: Self-service Security Check

During the security check, passengers can use their ID cards to go through the "Easy Security Check" channel quickly..