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One ID Pass

From September 6, 2019,, Baiyun Airport and China Southern Airlines have jointly implement the "One ID Pass" service in Terminal 2 at Guangzhou Baiyun Airport. Passengers who use 2nd-generation ID cards to purchase air tickets can directly go through baggage check-in, security checks and boarding procedures with their ID card only after completing the check-in procedures, without the need to show boarding passes, QR codes and other vouchers throughout the journey. Children under 12 are not eligible for this service currently. The "One ID Pass" service only supports passengers who purchase air tickets with 2nd-generation ID cards and take China Southern Airlines or its Allies’ (Xiamen Airlines, Chongqing Airlines, Sichuan Airlines, Hebei Airlines) domestic flights at the Terminal 2. (I.e. passengers taking domestic flights at T2) In the event of damaged or demagnetization ID cards which result in the identity information of the passenger cannot be read normally, or passengers with non-2nd-generation ID cards, passengers should still fly in accordance with the original departure method. .


STEP 1: Check-in

Passengers shall check-in on-line or on-site at the airport after purchase the air tickets with 2nd-generationg ID card.



STEP 2: Baggage Check-in

Passengers with baggage to check-in can go to the counter or self-service baggage check-in kiosk with your ID card.


STEP 3: Security Check

Passengers should present their 2nd-generation ID card to enter the security check passages and finalize relevant inspections.


STEP 4Boarding

You can complete the boarding procedure with your ID card at the boarding gate

Note: Children under 12 are not eligible for this service.