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The owner shall collect the lost property in person: with the original of his ID card and other valid identity documents which are verified to be correct, the lost property shall be returned after completing the formalities.

Entrust others to collect the lost property: return the items with the power of attorney signed by the owner, the original or copy of the owner's ID cardother valid ID cards, or the ID card of the agent..

2Location of Airport Lost and Found

  T1Next to Gate 1 on the third floor of the Departure Hall of Terminal 1

  T2At the end of F Check-in island, the third floor of the departure hall of Terminal 2

  Service Hotline020-96158

  Service Hours24小时


   Query Range

From January 1, 2021, according to Article 7 of the latest Regulations of Guangzhou Municipality on the administration of lost and found articles: "if the obligee cannot be determined, a public announcement shall be issued. If it is unclaimed within the time limit, it shall be turned over to the finance at the same level. For those unclaimed within the time limit, the lost and found office will no longer provide search and return services


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