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Temporary ID Certificate Processing


   Valid Time


Valid time of  temporary identity certificate: 7 Days




Both self-service and manual temporary ID card services are available in T1 and T2.





 Service Point in T1

1Location: Police Office, Gate 1 of Departure Hall, Terminal 1

2Opening hours05:00-24:00

3Contact Phone020-86128927



   Service Point in T2

1Location: Police room behind H check-in area, Terminal 2

2Opening hours06:30-24:00

3Contact Phone020-86128927




The "Temporary Identity Certificate" can only be used as a valid flight identification certificate for passengers of the People's Republic of China nationality (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) when they take a domestic civil flight.



  Manual Service Procedure

1The applicant fills in the "Temporary Identity Certificate" application form, and provides two recent 1-inch ID photos and valid documents that can prove his identity.

2After the police on the spot verified that the personnel information was correct through the public security network, the "Temporary Identity Certificate" will be issued on the spot for free.

3The entire process takes about 10 minutes (not including queuing time).



  Self-service Procedure

1The applicant enters his ID number at the self-service machine.

2Look up at the camera for face recognition (if the face is quite different from the ID card, and it needs to be handled in the manual window).

3Fill in the relevant information.

4Print out the certificate.

5The entire process takes about 1 minute (not including queue time).



Processing of Civil Aviation electronic temporary boarding certificate

The Civil Aviation Administration of China launched an electronic temporary boarding certification system in airports across the country. The system realizes the temporary ID certificate "self-service, anytime, palm-based, and facial-recognized" by "allowing data to run more and passengers less errands". This reflects the work concept of "Internet + government service", simplifies the passenger handling process and saves time for processing, thus improving the travel experience of passengers.


A total of 18 electronic temporary boarding certificate inspection equipments are installed in T1 and T2 of Baiyun Airport.



Terminal 1 

 Check-in counter

Domestic check-in director counter

(Inside Gate 2 and Gate 15 of the departure hall on the third floor of the terminal)


  Security Check Verification platform

Passage 4, 5 and 16 of domestic security inspection in Area A

Passage 13, 14, 24 in Area A



 Terminal 2

 Check-in counters

Domestic C, D, E, F, G, H check-in areas


  Security Check Verification platform

Domestic security check Passage 18 and 20,

And First-class Passage



(Consult on-site staff for specific location)


Operation process


1.Search Civil Aviation Temporary Boarding Certificate applet in WeChat.





2.After authorized loginFill in relevant personal information according to the prompts.





3.Confirm and agree to the application for identity verification.




4.Follow the phone prompts to perform face recognition.




5.An electronic temporary boarding certificate will be generated immediately after the completion of the verification.




6.Check the electronic temporary boarding certificate.↓↓↓



7.With this electronic anti-counterfeiting QR code, go to the designated check-in counter and security verification counter to go through check-in procedures



Warm Tips:


The electronic temporary boarding certificate is only used for temporary boarding and is valid for 15 days. Please keep and deal with your personal information properly


Currently, the civil aviation temporary boarding certificate is only applicable to passengers holding the resident ID card of the people's Republic of China, and is only applicable to passengers using the ID card to purchase tickets;


Children passengers need ID cards to apply for the service;


There is no charge for applying for an electronic temporary boarding certificate.