Temporary ID card

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   Valid Term of the Certificates
1. Valid term of a temporary identity certificate: 7 Days

2. Both self-service and manual temporary certificate services are available in T1 and T2.

   Service Point in T1
1. Location: Police Room, Gate 1, Terminal T1 Departure Hall2. Service time: 05:00-24:00

3. Contact telephone: 020-86128927

   Service Point in T2
1. Service point: the police office behind Check-in Area H in T2

2. Service time: 06:30-24:00

3. Contact telephone: 020-86128927

   Applicable Range
A temporary identity certificate may only be used by a resident of the people's Republic of China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) as a valid identity certificate when he/she takes a domestic flight.

   Manual Service Procedure
1. An applicant fills in the Temporary Identity Certificate application form, and provides two 1-inch recent personal certificate photographs and an effective certificate as a proof of his/her identity.

2. The policeman in charge checks personal information of the applicant in the public security network on the spot, and grants a free Temporary Identity Certificate immediately after verifying all information.

3. The whole procedure lasts for about 10 minutes(excluding queueing time).

   Self-service Machine Operation Procedure
1. The applicant enters his/her ID card number in the self-service machine.

2. The applicant raises his/her head to complete face recognition (failed face recognition due to significant appearance difference should be followed by manual service procedure).

3. The applicant enters required information.

4. The applicant prints and takes out the certificate.

5. The applicant brings the certificate to the service window for verification and sealing.

6、6. The whole procedure lasts for about 1 minute (excluding queueing time).