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International flight arrival

Please check which terminal you are arriving and the flight that will be transferring in advance to plan your transfer route.


Quarantine inspection

Passengers shall pass the entry quarantine and enter the border control area.

Passengers from yellow fever areas should present a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate to the quarantine inspector; inbound passengers suffering from fever, diarrhea, AIDS, venereal disease, mental illness, and open tuberculosis, please proactively declare to the quarantine agency.


Complete transfer procedure

Hand the transfer baggage check to service personnel. The service personnel will claim your baggage from the arrival carousels and arrange for transfer baggage check-in. 

After the transfer check-in formalities are completed, service personnel will guide you through the transfer security check and lead you to the corresponding international boarding gate.



Waiting and boarding

Please follow the instructions on the flight displays and guide signs to wait/board at the corresponding boarding gate 30-40 minutes before departure.


Download the flowchart.pdf