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Domestic flight arrival

Make sure that you know which terminal will receive your original flight and in which terminal you will find your transfer flight so that you can plan your transfer route beforehand.


Luggage claim

Find the number of the carousel for your luggage claim on the airport screens according to your flight number.

To prevent any false or mistaken claim and to deal with random luggage inspection by security personnel, please check the bar code on your luggage tag/number and your ticket. Also, please take care of your luggage check and provide cooperation if requested.


Complete transfer procedure

Complete transfer check-in and luggage checking at the corresponding transfer counter by showing valid identity certificates and your ticket. Please be aware of the check-in time of your flight to avoid missing it.

In the case of an onward flight boarding pass, transfer check-in procedures are not required. 


Security check and quarantine inspection

Please prepare valid identity certificates like boarding pass or passport, and hand them to the security officer for security inspection before proceeding to the quarantine inspection.

Passengers from yellow fever epidemic areas should show a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate to the quarantine inspection agency. Inbound passengers with fever, diarrhea, AIDS, venereal disease, mental disease, or open pulmonary tuberculosis should actively declare their state of illness to the quarantine inspection agency


Customs inspection

Please receive customs inspection. Please take the entry declaration passage if you have any declarable items, otherwise take the green passage. 


Border inspection

Foreign passengers should fill in a Foreigner Exit Registration Card (not required for Chinese citizens). Please line up to complete exit inspection procedure. 


Waiting and boarding

Follow the indications on the airport screens and guideposts to reach your target boarding gate 30~40 minutes before takeoff.


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