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Since introduction of a smart parking system at Baiyun Airport, five cark parking fee collection and payment methods have been made available, all intended to bring more convenience to users.

Warm tips:Please leave the car park immediately after you have paid at a toll booth, or leave the car park within 15 minutes after you have paid with any of the other four methods, otherwise you will be charged again as a parker.

Airport Car Park Payment Method
Code-sweeping paymentAfter sweeping the parking fee payment 2D code displayed in any car park, you can make payment at all times and places by entering his/her car plate number.
WeChat public account paymentYou may follow the WeChat public account “Baiyun Airport” and click “Airport Guide → Traffic Guide → Parking Fee Payment” to make payment by entering relevant information.
Self-service payment machineThese machines are mainly deployed at the entrance/exit of different car parks. You may inquire or pay his/her parking fee after entering his/her car plate number.
Central toll houseThe central toll house is located in P8 parking building. Here you may pay their parking fee by means of cash, WeChat account, or Alipay account.
Toll boothYou leaving a car park may pay his/her parking fee by means of cash, WeChat account, or Alipay account at a toll booth.