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Cars picking up passengers from Terminal 1 A Arrival Area:
   1、Dedicated lanes between the A arrival area and P1 parking lot. All small vehicles enter the A arrival area to pick up passengers need to enter the P1 parking lot to buffer and wait around the clock. Dispatchers in the A arrival area will dispatch and release in conjunction with the P1 parking lot staff according to the traffic situation.
   2、There are three lanes and 153 temporary parking spaces in the passage of the A Arrival Zone. The two sides will be parked in a "character-shaped" line. Vehicles entering the passage are required to park in the parking spaces, and the middle lane served as the vehicle driving lane.
   3、Each of these temporary parking spaces is marked with a number to facilitate easy identification by arrival passengers, thereby improving the traffic efficiency.
   4、If all P1  parking spaces have been occupied, vehicles can be parked in P4 car park.

Cars picking up passengers from Terminal 1 B Arrival Area:
   1、There is currently no buffer area for B Arrival Area due to limited resources available. Car drivers intending to enter B Arrival Area should pay attention to the “red cross or green arrow” traffic sign shown on the Gantry on the upper and lower bridges of the south-to-south viaduct and on-site traffic police instructions. The "green arrow" indicates that you can pass into the B Arrival Area.
   2、If the 132 temporary parking spaces in the aisle are fully loaded, the "red cross" will automatically light up, and the vehicle needs to go to P4 or other parking lots to wait for passengers.

Warm tips:
   1、It is recommended that cars meeting guests from international flights be parked first at P1 car park, and those meeting guests from domestic flights be parked first at P4 car park.
   2、Online car-hailing is not allowed to enter T1 A/B Arrival Area to pick up passengers. There is an "online car-hailing pick-up area" in P4 parking lot. Passengers who take online car-hailing must walk to the P4 parking lot for boarding.
   3、In order to facilitate the pick-up and drop-off of passengers, vehicles can stop and drop off passengers free of charge outside the departure hall on the third floor of the main building of the terminal and on the south side of the first floor of the main building of the terminal. Please note that overtime stay may result in penalties from the police or tow-away.

   4、Due to the needs of urban rail construction, from 0:00 on November 30, 2018, the Terminal 1 will enclose the lanes close to gates A1-A8 in the A arrival area, and the social vehicle pick-up channels in the A/B Arrival Areas will be closed. This area only reserve pick up points for buses and taxi. Private cars need to go to the parking lot to pick up and drop off guests. The parking lots P1, P4, and P5 are relatively close to the arrival areas of A and B. Please pay attention to the corresponding signs in the terminal building. You can also follow the official WeChat "Baiyun Airport" to enter "Airport Pass", check flights information in advance, and choose the nearest parking lot to pick up passengers.


   Arriving passengers take a private car:
   All passengers reaching Arrival Area A or B should locate their respective cars rather than waiting for them. Passengers will appear at Gates A1-A10 in Arrival Area A, or Gates B3-B12 in Arrival Area B. They may walk to the car parks to catch their cars.


Estimation Walking Distance



Walking Time

P1 Car Park

Gate A4

About 5 mins

P4 Car Park

Gate A10

About 5 mins

P4 Car Park

Gate B10

About 6 mins

P5 Car Park

Gate B4

About 6 mins