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Cars picking up passengers from Terminal 1 Arrival Area A:
1、Accommodation lanes are provided between Arrival Area A and P1 car park. All small cars approaching Arrival Area A need to enter the transition area of P1 car park first no matter when they arrive. The dispatching personnel at Arrival Area A will direct the traffic together with P1 car park staff depending on car flow conditions.
2、The passage for Arrival Area A consists of three lanes and 153 temporary parking spaces arranged as adjacent spaces on both sides. All cars in the passage should be parked at these spaces. The middle lane serves as the traffic lane.
3、Each of these temporary parking spaces is marked with a number to facilitate easy identification by arrival passengers, thus leading to more efficient traffic control.
4、If all P1 car parks have been occupied, new arriving cars may be parked in P4 car park.

Cars picking up passengers from Terminal 1 Arrival Area B:
1、There is currently no transition area for Arrival Area B due to limited resources available. Car drivers intending to enter Arrival Area B should watch out for the “red cross or green arrow” traffic sign shown on the gantry at both entrance and exit of the southern overpass as well as instructions given by the traffic policemen on site.
2、A “green arrow” indicates that access to Arrival Area B is permitted, while a “red cross” means the 132 temporary car spaces in the passage have been completely occupied. In the latter case, new arriving cars have to be parked in P4 or other car parks.

1、It is recommended that cars meeting guests from international flights be parked first at P1 car park, and those meeting guests from domestic flights be parked first at P4 car park.
2、Cars hailed online are not allowed to enter Arrival Areas A and B for picking up passengers.An online car-hailing service zone is located in P4 car park. Passengers need to walk to this zone to get on their cars.
3、To facilitate passenger pick-up and drop-off, there is also a temporary parking area external to the third-floor departure hall of the main terminal building and in the southern part of its first floor. Cars may stay here for a short period to load/unload passengers free of charge. Please note that prolonged stay may result in a ticket from the police or tow-away.

Private cars picking up arrival passengers:
All passengers reaching Arrival Area A or B should locate their respective cars rather than waiting for them. Passengers will appear at Gates A1-A10 in Arrival Area A, or Gates B3-B12 in Arrival Area B. They may walk to the car parks to catch their cars.

Estimation Of Walking Distance
FromToWalking time
P1 car parkGate A4about 5 minutes
P4 car parkGate A10about 5 minutes
P4 car parkGate B10about 6 minutes
P5 car parkGate B4about 6 minutes