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What if I lost my parking card?

   If you lost your  parking card, you need to present your vehicle license and driving license and ID card (the "three certificates"). After the toll collector has registered your "three certificates", your parking fee will be collected according to the following conditions:
   1、The toll collector confirms your entry time based on the CCTV monitoring at the entrance of the corresponding car park (building) and calculates your actual parking fee;
   2、The management reminds that the parking card is the main voucher for the vehicle to leave the parking lot. For the safety of your car, please keep your parking card well.


Convenience services provided by Baiyun Airport Car Park





You may rent a wheelchair for free by mortgage your ID certificate and filling relevant information. You can also call our service hotline 36062841 for reservation.

P2 and P3

Medical Kit

The convenience service point is equipped with medicated oil, hemostatic patch, iodine and other medicines to provide you with emergency services.

P2 and P3

Rain Gear

You can borrow rain gear for free after you complete the relevant registration and mortgage certificates. Please return it after use.

P2 and P3

"Red Vest" Car Seeking

Staff wearing red vests can help you with quick car search and direction guidance.

Each parking lot

Trolley service

All parking lots are deployed with trolley spots and provide free trolleys for you.

Each Parking lot

Reservation of accessibility parking space

Each parking lot is equipped with accessibility parking spaces. You can call the service hotline 36062841 to make a parking space reservation, and the on-site staff will follow up with subsequent services.

Each Parking lot

Electric Vehicles

For your convenience, electric vehicles are equipped in all parking lots.

Each Parking lot

Online car-hailing service zone

A total of 300 parking spaces are set up for online car-hailing parking and designated pick-ups.

The east and west sides of P4

Car Charging service

Charging piles were deployed to provide paid charging services for electric Cars. You can call 400-882-1111 for consultation.

Enterprise parking area on 2F of the parking building

Valet parking service

We provide comfortable, convenient and considerate parking and picking services for self-driving passengers to meet your fast and convenient parking and picking needs. You can call 400-882-1111 for consultation.

South side of P3 parking building rooftop garden


Why the A/B Arrival Area are not allowed to pass by private cars now ?


Hello, due to the needs of urban rail construction, from 0:00 on November 30, 2018, the Terminal 1 will enclose the lanes close to gates A1-A8 in the A arrival area, and the social vehicle pick-up channels in the A/B Arrival Areas will be closed. This area only reserve pick up points for buses and taxi. Private cars need to go to the parking lot to pick up and drop off guests. The parking lots P1, P4, and P5 are relatively close to the arrival areas of A and B. Please pay attention to the corresponding signs in the terminal building. You can also follow the official WeChat "Baiyun Airport" to enter "Airport Pass", check flights information in advance, and choose the nearest parking lot to pick up passengers.