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Warm tips: What if I lost my parking card?

A driver who has lost his/her parking card needs to show his/her vehicle license, driving license, and ID card (the " three certificates"). After registering these certificates, the toll collector will collect the parking fee and let the car pass through the following steps:
1. The toll collector confirms entrance time of the car based on the data recorded at the entrance of the corresponding car park (building) and calculates the actual parking fee;
2. Administrator prompt: Please take care of your parking card, because you need to produce it as an important voucher to leave the car park.

Airport Car Park Convenience Services
Service ProjectService DescriptionPlace
Wheelchair borrowingYou may borrow a wheelchair free of charge by giving his/her personal ID certificate as security and filling a form. Wheelchair booking is also possible by dialing the car park service number 36062841.P2 and P3 car parks (buildings)
Medical kitThe convenient service points provide passengers with drugs like medicinal oil, hemostatic paste, and iodine to deal with emergencies.P2 and P3 car parks (buildings)
Rain gearYou may borrow rain gear free of charge by giving his/her personal ID certificate as security and filling a form, and should return it after use.P2 and P3 car parks (buildings)
"Red vest" car searchingPersonnel wearing a red vest in different car parks are ready to give directions to passengers or help them look for cars.different car parks
Handcart serviceThere are handcart spots in all car parks (buildings), offering free handcarts to all different car parks
Reservation of accessibility parking spaceAccessibility parking spaces are available in all car parks (buildings). Passengers may call the service hot line 36062841 for reservation of such parking spaces. On-site personnel will attend to subsequent different car parks
Electromobile serviceElectromobile transfer service is provided in all car parks (buildings) to help passengers in need.different car parks
Online car-hailing service zone300 parking spaces for cars hailed online are provided.east and west part of P4 car park
Charging serviceCharging piles are set up in the enterprise parking area on the second floor of parking buildings to offer paid charging services. For more information, please dial 400-882-1111.the enterprise parking area on 2F of parking buildings
Valet parking serviceThere is a valet parking service point located in the south of the roof garden of P3 parking building and next to the north part of the third floor of the terminal. It provides driver passengers with comfortable, convenient, and considerate valet parking to save their time. Service hot line: 400-882-1111.the south of the roof garden of P3 parking building