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Gaoming, Foshan

Departure Time

Gaoming, Foshan:05:10-17:00

Baiyun Airport:08:30-20:20

Headway120-150 mins Approximately

From Gaoming, Foshan to Baiyun Airport

Gaoming, Foshan——Sanshui——T2——T1

From Baiyun Airport to Gaoming, Foshan

T2——T1 Zone B——Sanshui——Gaoming, Foshan

               City Airport Terminal Address

Sanshui: Brandi Hotel, No. 3, Fengfeng Avenue, Yundong Hainan, Sanshui District, Foshan City.

Gaoming: Lobby on the first floor of Hengwei Hotel, No.238 Taihua Road, Gaoming District, Foshan City.
Basic fare (the basic fare is currently implemented)

¥ 75(Gaoming)、¥ 50(Sanshui

Usually discounted fare

¥ 70(Gaoming)、¥ 46(Sanshui

Half fare¥ 38(Gaoming)、¥ 25(Sanshui)

Airport Express ticket counter and Boarding point
Boarding pointArea B of Terminal 1: Outside Gate B10-B13
Terminal 2: GTC West Bus Station
Ticket counters LocationArea A of Terminal 1: Ticket counter inside Gate A10
Area B of Terminal 1: Counter inside Gate B5
Terminal 2: GTC West Bus Station

The above information is for reference only.

 Please refer to the information on the day for details.

Airport Express 24-hour service hotline: 020-36063156