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Departure Time


Baiyun Airport:14:00、17:00



From Yunfu to Baiyun Airport


From Baiyun Airport to Yunfu

T2——T1 Zone B——Yunfu

               City Airport Terminal Address

(Jinshan Comprehensive Transportation Service Station) No.1 Huanshi Middle Road, Yuncheng District, Yunfu City.

Basic fare (the basic fare is currently implemented)

¥ 110

Usually discounted fare

¥ 105

Half fare

¥ 55

Airport Express ticket counter and Boarding point
Boarding pointArea B of Terminal 1: Outside Gate B10-B13
Terminal 2: GTC West Bus Station
Ticket counters LocationArea A of Terminal 1: Ticket counter inside Gate A10
Area B of Terminal 1: Counter inside Gate B5
Terminal 2: GTC West Bus Station

The above information is for reference only.

 Please refer to the information on the day for details.

Airport Express 24-hour service hotline: 020-36063156